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since 2004 we have been manufacturing
warm edge spacer

Unique park equipment

don't have analogues in Russia

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high-profile IGU and window
enterprises of Russia cooperate with Warmex


Warmex – is a spacer for insulation glass units production offered by the first Russian manufacturer of “warm edge” spacers. The product is manufactured in compliance with the global power saving trend.

The Warmex warm spacer prevents cold bridging within the edge zones, which reduces heat exchange between the inner and the outer windows sides. In cold climate it eliminated cold penetration and moisture accumulation in edge zones, and in warm – retains coolness indoors.

A metalized layer on the back side of the spacer provides resistance to vapor penetration that makes it possible to use in gas-filled insulated glass units.

So, application of the Warmex spacer provides significant reduction of heating or cooling costs and maintains comfortable environment indoors. 

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